Saturday, March 14, 2020

King of Horror essays

King of Horror essays Horror movies have never particularly interested me but when Evil Dead II was first introduced to me, I immediately fell in love with it. Although it is supposed to be a horror movie, the director, Sam Raimi, added his own twisted sense of humor into it to get a scare and laugh out of his audience. He does this with flying colors with his cheesy use of blood, the stupidity of the supporting characters, the masculinity of the main character Ash, and the Three Stooges humor placed sporadically throughout the movie. The basic plot this horror movie is that a scientist found The Book of the Dead, which he had been looking for his entire life. After finding this book, he travels to a remote cabin somewhere in the United States and summons demons that possess any human beings in the area. Our brave hero Ash is unaware of this in the first Evil Dead and plays a tape recording that summons the spirits from the woods. All hell breaks loose and Ash is the only survivor at the end. Ashs girlfriend, his best friend, and his best friends girlfriend all become possessed and ultimately hacked to pieces. After going through an ordeal like this, one would think that it would be highly unlikely for Ash ever to set foot within one hundred miles of the cabin. However, our unpredictable hero manages to find the courage to bring a new girlfriend of his to the cabin once again. And once again, possessed creatures are hewn and mangled and Ash is once again the only survivor. The beginning of Evil Dead II starts out fast because Evil Dead covered what the audience should know about the movie, and any true fan of Evil Dead II should already have seen Evil Dead. So right of the bat, Ashs new girlfriend is killed the exact way his last girlfriend was killed, Ash chops her head off with a shovel. After this, Ash tries to escape only to find the bridge he crossed in his car earlier to get to the cabin had been destroyed co...

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